3000 years ago…. there existed an ancient city called Sparta…

This city actually has nothing to do with us as we were established in April 2010, but Sparta Media Group has been busy ever since!

  • April 2010 – Email marketing publisher. Sparta Enterprise is founded as an email marketing expert providing performance based marketing solutions.
  • November 2010 – Sparta Enterprise increases activity adding an additional 2 Email service providers.
  • January 2011 – Sparta Enterprise begins collecting leads independently.
  • April 2011 – Sparta Enterprise opens Spartasnet.com; an affiliate network, sharing offers with other publishers.
  • January 2012 – Sparta Enterprise establishes an in-house data acquisition platform.
  • April 2012 – Sparta Enterprise migrates spartasnet.com to our cutting edge affiliate system.
  • June 2012 – Sparta Enterprise becomes an independent Email platform.
  • December 2012 – Sparta Enterprise opens the data acquisition platform to publishers.