Sparta Email Marketing

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Sparta Email Marketing

Boost your revenue with our email marketing solutions!

With over 7 years of experience sending billions of emails; we know what it takes to achieve outstanding results.

Make your email marketing channel truly effective with one of our Email marketing solutions or an ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ monster package!

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Sparta Email Service Provider allows you to leverage our expertise to maximize your ROI! Benefit from our industry knowledge, campaign building experience, and top of the line email platform to take your email marketing efforts to the next level!

Select your own ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ monster package!

  1. Send My Emails – Your list, your promotion our expertise – use our high reputation and cutting edge platform to get better inbox delivery and higher performance.
  2. Use My List – Your list, our promotions! Use our connections and high paying promotions to increase ROI!
  3. Build me a mailer – your promotion our knowledge. The best looking email is useless if it won’t reach the inbox. Use our creative team and industry secrets to build you the best looking email with better chances of reaching the inbox.

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What else can we do for you?

  • Creative Care – Our creative care package will help your emails to not only look good, but also improve their chances to reach the inbox.

In this package you can find: Texting, Coding (mobile friendly), Design, Link placement, triggered campaigns and Subject line testing.

  • Database Care – be at the right place at the right time! Approach the right audience with relevant offers and get more response!

In this package you can find: Import, list cleaning & set-up, segmentation& enhancement, Strategic customer engagement and active/ reactive strategies!

  • Reputation Care – high reputation will get better exposure to existing and new recipients!

In this package you can find: deliverability buildup, IP warm up, Inbox delivery management and whitelisting.

  • Analysis and optimization – Analyzing information from previous sends in order to understand and plan accordingly will increase performance significantly.

In this package you can find: Campaign report building, Openers, clicks, deliverability and an in-depth understanding of actions required.


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